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Become a British Wheel of Yoga volunteer

How do I find out about what is available in my region?
Most regions will pinpoint vacancies in their newsletters or websites. If you would like to make a general enquiry ask your Regional Officer.

Could I become involved in my region without being on the committee?
There are many ways in which you could assist. Most regions appreciate some extra help at festivals and AGM events, generally putting chairs out, clearing rooms and assisting with bring and share lunches.

What sort of commitment would my work for the committee involve?
This depends on the role and responsibilities, the:
County Rep organises and attends one or more IST days a year.
Regional Training Officer previews and reviews these events and reports to NISTO.
Secretary usually sends out any correspondence and takes minutes at meetings.
Website Administrator makes any changes necessary for the regional website.
Treasurer arranges payments and invoices and produces annual accounts.
Newsletter Editor collates and compiles adverts and articles and arranges publication.
Regional Officer arranges meetings, offers advice and support to committee members and attends meetings with other Regional Officers.

Who can join a committee?
Any BWY member is eligible to join the committee in their region if there is a vacancy. Contact your Regional Officer for availability. Contact details can be found in your regional newsletter or website.

Would I receive any expenses?
Although all posts are volunteer ones, the BWY would not like to feel that anyone is out of pocket from helping their region. Official committee members who have been in post for a year will receive an annual home-workers allowance (currently £156).
They will also be eligible for a limited number of half price place at Congress and may be offered free or reduced admission to various regional events. Personal expenses incurred for regional administration will be reimbursed and mileage costs for attending regional meetings can be claimed at the prevailing rate.

Must I know someone on the committee to join?
No, you do not need to have a personal connection to be selected. Members are appointed based on their suitability for vacant roles and/or their interest in a particular field.

Is it difficult to get appointed?
Not if there is a vacancy, the majority of committees have openings. Holders of certain posts have to stand for election every year – RO, RTO and County Reps. The more skills you have to offer (or if you’re willing to learn) the more likely you will be appointed and find your role both personally and professionally rewarding.

If I joined the committee would I be legally liable?
Indemnity insurance [which is sometimes known as “liability insurance”] exists for all BWY offices. This is personal insurance which protects the officeholder against the risk of personal liability arising from any breach of responsibilities, in line with the Charity Commissioners recommendations.

How many meetings would I have to attend?
Most regions hold at least two meetings a year plus the AGM. These provide a useful opportunity for committee members to get together, organize events, share information, discuss their experiences and get advice from the group.

What are the benefits of volunteering?
Working on a BWY committee is an excellent personal development activity. Our committees are friendly, welcoming groups which engender a spirit of camaraderie.
Although there is a time outlay, there is also the potential to cultivate many transferable skills. Time spent on one of our committees can provide you with a useful opportunity to improve your CV and gain valuable knowledge and experience that could enhance and develop your future career.
You may achieve a greater understanding of regional management processes; learn how to plan, promote and manage events; develop new channels of communication and have the opportunity to pool knowledge and experience.
Participation in a committee also promotes mutual understanding, team-work and cooperation and, best of all, will give you that warm glow of knowing that you have achieved karma yoga.

How to get involved:

Go to Regional Contacts page and contact the Regional Officer or to discuss what roles are available in your area.

BWY Central Office (Registered address) British Wheel of Yoga 25 Jermyn Street SLEAFORD NG34 7RU
Email: BWY Central Office Telephone: 01529 306851 Registered Charity No. 1136674 registered in the UK