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Open Day: Meditative Yoga with Bill Wood

Open Day: Meditative Yoga with Bill Wood

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10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Boreham Village Hall
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This isn’t so much a ‘style’ of yoga as an invitation to discover for ourselves a more natural and easeful way of working with our bodies. A way of unwinding more fully and freely into yoga practices using less strain or force.

This takes us away from the external pursuit of physical shapes, and draws us instead towards finding the right internal qualities for the body to release and realign itself. This inner balance – described traditionally as being both stable and comfortable – is nurtured as we cultivate strength with flexibility, vitality with relaxation, and lightness with groundedness.

Physically the patterns of tension we hold in our bodies can then start to let go, improving postural habits and breathing patterns, and helping us to feel more comfortable in our own skin.

Practicing yoga this way is then as much a form mindfulness as it is a physical exercise – a form of meditative movement, guided less by thought and more by what we’re feeling – a way of becoming more sensitive and present to our body, in all its vitality and tenderness.

Bill holds a warm and enquiring teaching environment that is open to all levels of experience. Students are encouraged to work in a sensitive and relaxed way while always challenging themselves to explore their practice more deeply.

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